The Five Emerge

Danger mounts, courage is tested, and new mysteries unfold as the epic saga continues in The Five Emerge!

Erinhold has been retaken, but Shadow looms on the horizon. Can they defend what has been hard fought and dearly won? Can the Realms regain the upper hand? The Stonebearers have been brought together, but will they reclaim what is theirs?

The clash between Shadow and Light builds in The Five Emerge, the second novel in The Kingdoms of the Core epic fantasy series. The Five have awakened. The Realms await their return.

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Epic Fantasy at its best!

Jay Veloso Batista, Author of the Forerunner Saga

This is why I read fantasy!

Charlie P

I know I will be rereading these books over and over.

Melodie A

I loved this so much. Shawn’s writing style really pulls you in. He makes you care about each character. Its really hard for me to say I have loved a book because I have pretty high standards but this book, this author, have made a place in my heart. I have not stopped talking about it to my friends and family. I haven’t stopped thinking about it and will definitely be re-reading often. I definitely recommend


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