Hello from Earth,

Spider Lilies flank the sidewalks of our neighborhood in their showy drifts of reds and yellows. Squirrels worry away at fresh red berries on our Dogwood tree. Nighttime temperatures have cooled enough to leave our windows open while we lay in bed enjoying the breeze or the soft tip tap pitter pat of rain. All that can mean only one thing—summer is coming to an end here in Piedmont Virginia.

I’ve been able to make steady progress in The Five Endure through the summer months and have enjoyed my adventures with the Stonebearers and their friends (and enemies) almost as much as my own adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains nearby. Our heroes and heroines have come a long way since the end of The Five Emerge and have a long way left before we can say “The End” on this first trilogy in Taeurn.

How much farther is difficult to say. A while back, I decided to write The Kingdoms of the Core in a series of trilogies, making The Five Endure the end of the first set of three. The first two books came in at a little over four-hundred pages per installment, about average by classic Epic Fantasy standards. It’s clear already, however, that Book Three will exceed this mark by a significant amount. How significant an amount, I cannot yet tell. My plan is to simply keep writing until it’s over and see where the chips have fallen, but suffice to say, we could be looking at a rather heavy tome, compared to its predecessors.

It follows, then, that timing is also hard to predict. I’ve set a date of May 21, 2021 for publication on Amazon, and I plan to beat that date, but by what amount will remain to be seen until the iron is cool and the cast broken away. All that said, I am an avid reader first and foremost and appreciate estimates, however broad or vague, from my favorite authors, so I thought I would offer one up to all of you. I will refine it as I progress. I estimate that the first draft is currently between fifteen and twenty-five percent complete, the book will be between five hundred and eight hundred pages long, and it will be released sometime between November of 2020 and May of 2021.


Until the next time:

May you notice the changing world around you in all its subtle ways,

So that beauty, wonder, peace, and joy will help you pass the days.


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